Distech launches new products

Distech Controls is pleased to announce the release of it’s innovative eu.bac certified range of terminal unit controls, for both Bacnet and LONworks systems…

The RCL-PFC and RCB-PFC Series are microprocessor-based configurable controllers designed to control a wide variety of HVAC terminal units such as fan coil units, radiators, chilled beams, chilled ceilings, etc. In addition, lighting and sunblind control modules can be added to provide fully integrated room control.

The range includes models for 3-point, on-off or thermal valves (230VAC and 24V), 0-10V valves and versions for air quality control. All have 3 speed fan control and there is even a version with 2 control loops to enable the control of two chilled beams with one controller.

The RCB-PFC controllers use the BACnet communication protocol and are WSPCert certified as BACnet Application Specific Controllers (B-ASC).

The RCL-PFC controllers use the latest LONWORKS 2.0 technology, including the new FT-5000 Neuron from Echelon (which eliminates LNS credit costs) and all LON versions are LONMARK certified as SCC Fan Coil controllers.

Each controller can be easily configured using Distech Controls’ open software tools: LNS plug-in or EC-NetAX wizard; intuitive user interfaces designed specifically to simplify application configuration! They can be used to configure the inputs, outputs and control sequences of products.

This new range offers unprecedented adaptability as all the HVAC configurable controllers are expandable with Lighting and Sunblind control modules (RCx-Light and RCx-Blind) to control up to 4 lights and 4 sunblinds, creating a single modular system for optimal energy savings. Lighting and Sunblinds RCx Add-on modules are plug-and-play together via daisy-chain wiring and a digital communication bus (RJ9-RJ11).

All the new products work with Distech Controls’ Smart-sense colour touchscreen wall unit, and hand-held remote control, enabling intuitive control of fan speed, temperature set-point, occupancy, lighting, and sunblind position(s). There is also a free iPhone app* which provides these functions for multiple zones.

This new range builds on the success of the previous FCC and SRC ranges which are already well proven in the European market. High reliability, low energy consumption combined with highly competitive pricing offers a winning combination for a wide range of projects.

Key Features:

  • Expandable with Lighting and Sunblinds add-on modules for unprecedented adaptability
  • LONMARK & BACnet certified
  • Energy savings: control of HVAC, lighting and sunblinds
  • Cable length savings (reduced wiring costs): products can be installed in ceilings, closed to lighting and sunblind devices, or directly on HVAC equipment
  • Integration time savings: an easier configuration using LNS plug-ins or EC-NetAX wizards
  • Best in class Energy Consumption with the lowest coefficient in eu.bac certification
  • Compliant with a wide range of RJ9 accessories: analog or digital room sensor devices, remote controls and extra-small multi-sensors (combined Lux level sensor, motion detector and remote control signal receiver – maximising energy savings)

Hardware Features

  • Support various input types including temperature sensor, analog and digital-based ones: window contact, CO2 sensor, dew point detector, etc.
  • Integrated 230VAC power supply: no need for external transformer
  • Direct 4 wire for 3 speed fan control (no extra wiring and jumper need)
  • Direct 2 or 3 wires valves connection (230V or 24V)
  • Optional Strain relief and terminal cover (no need for metal electrical cabinet) – see pictures below (1)
  • Open-to-wirelessTM ready

*Requires an EC-BOS to provide IP connectivity

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