Dining out on KNX

Rick Stein’s Prospect House in Padstow is a stylish hotel development that combines seaside luxury with cutting-edge building intelligence.  KNX technology has been effectively deployed to enhance the tranquillity and homeliness of the property with features of the system including window and blind control, wet under-floor heating control and electrical tile warming in the bathrooms. 
Each room also has multiple lighting zones consisting of energy efficient LED luminaires, where specific areas can be scene set allowing the user to create both functional and atmospheric lighting modes.  All of these features can be controlled from a central point; a wall-mounted touch-screen with simple to use icons, giving guests the power to take control of their own environment.
The KNX based system also delivers in terms of safety, as KNX UK member and systems integrator Andromeda Telematics, have established communication with the fire alarm and intruder alarm system in case of emergency.  Intelligent movement sensors have been installed in the entrance hall and landing to maintain a safe stairwell light level with occupancy. Importantly, these sensors are also an energy saving measure.
In fact the system as a whole answers today’s demands for sustainable, low-energy developments whilst maintaining a high level of functionality.  A multiple-channel photocell has been placed on the external façade to control lights according to lux levels, ensuring that energy is saved during daylight hours.  Each of the KNX components consume less than 10 mA in a running state, creating a low-impact system which reduces the building’s overall carbon footprint.

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