Dimplex welcomes plans for electric future

Dimplex has welcomed the government’s latest Energy Bill, which sets out the UK’s plan for a low carbon economy and includes decarbonising the electricity grid.

Stuart Mackenzie, Managing Director at Dimplex, says: “This latest Energy Bill once again makes it clear that the future is electric. By outlining plans for the move to low carbon electricity generation, the government is ensuring that the UK will be able to keep the lights on while at the same time reducing carbon emissions.

“A decarbonised grid will clear the way for homeowners, businesses, and house builders to confidently make the switch to either energy efficient conventional electric heating, or renewables such as heat pumps, safe in the knowledge that appliances are future-proof and ready to plug into low carbon energy.”

A switch away from fossil fuelled infrastructure will increase the UK’s security of energy supply, reduce dependence on the volatile pricing of imported gas, and of course will have a substantial impact on carbon emissions.

The Energy Bill proposes a ‘green levy’ on fuel bills to fund the development of a low carbon infrastructure, and while this has attracted criticism, the increases are likely to be offset by savings made as a result of various energy efficiency programmes. To lessen the impact in the current austere times, large energy intensive manufacturing companies could be exempt from the extra costs of the switch to renewable energy, while there are also proposals for financial incentives to reduce energy demand.

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