Dimplex shows energy efficiency

From heat pumps and solar thermal to air curtains and unvented cylinders, Dimplex has over 400 ideas for energy efficient space and water heating solutions and will be showing a selection of them on their stand.

Low carbon technology is a key theme of the show and Dimplex has all the answers, providing heating and hot water solutions for domestic and commercial environments with hundreds of products dedicated to energy efficient usage.

Dimplex offers the UK’s largest range of heat pumps, across air, water and ground source models and has over 25 years experience of heat pump manufacturing with a dedicated facility in Germany and thousands of Dimplex heat pumps installed across Europe. The latest ranges include ground source models with high outputs up to 130kW, offering the ideal solution for non-domestic applications, while high temperature ground and air source units give water heating temperatures up to 70ºC for both domestic and non-domestic applications.

For low carbon water heating, Dimplex offers solar thermal water heating as a range of pre-packaged kits to make specification and installation quick and easy. These kits can provide up to 60% of annual domestic hot water requirement, dramatically reducing carbon emissions.

Where wet radiators are the preferred space heating option, the Ascari is a fully modulating electric domestic heating boiler which enjoys all the benefits of electricity as the fuel source. It’s ideally suited to use in areas with Economy 10 or similar tariff, while for fast filling baths and powerful showers, Dimplex’s highlyinsulated SCx range of unvented water cylinders includes direct and indirect models from 80 litres up to 305 litres.

As well as installing energy efficient solutions, minimising energy wastage is also a key factor in reducing carbon emissions. Doorways can be one of the biggest challenges in commercial premises and the perfect solution is a Dimplex air curtain, which provides an invisible curtain of air to separate internal and external environments. The air curtain industry has recently been working with the Carbon Trust and current indications are that savings of up to 33% in heating and air conditioning costs are possible when an air curtain is part of the system.

Outdoor heating is also covered, by Dimplex’s ranges of quartz and ceramic radiant heaters, an energy-efficient alternative to gas patio heaters with their high emissions. Warming people within the throw of the unit but not the air in between, these heaters provide ideal spot heating for commercial and domestic environments.

Stand Number HD10

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