Dimplex moves to zero carbon

Dimplex Renewables is adding to its extensive portfolio with the launch of a new range of solar photovoltaic (PV) packages. Containing polycrystalline modules and everything required for installation, the kits offer a complete PV solution for residential and light commercial buildings, providing clean, locally-generated energy and reducing carbon emissions.

The kits contain everything that’s needed to install and connect the modules, including G83 approved inverter, roof mounting system, cabling, isolators and generation meter. The hardware is MCS-accredited so the kits are eligible for the feed-in tariffs when properly installed by an MCS-accredited installer. This will allow homeowners, businesses and public sector organisations to take advantage of a generation tariff of up to 41p per kWh for locally-generated electricity, providing a guaranteed source of income for 25 years.

Designed for both new build and retrofit projects, the packs feature low profile roof mounts – protruding less than 200mm above the roof. This means the installed systems are classed as permitted development in England and Scotland and do not require planning permission in non-conservation areas.



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