Dimming of Luminaires with ABB KNX Universal Dimmers

i-bus® KNX universal dimmers from ABB were voted Products of the Year in the KNX UK Association annual awards. According to model, they feature a phase control or phase angle control that can be set to suit the lighting load. Incandescent and fluorescent lamps can be dimmed using the universal dim actuators via a phase angle control. LV halogen lamps with conventional transformers are also dimmed using phase control whilst those with electronic transformers are dimmed using phase angle control.

ABB is a member of the KNX UK Association and their dimming options for lighting are highly desirable as they provide comfort through the creation of a living environment that suits the mood. Dimming is also cost-effective in both commercial and domestic applications as it promotes energy savings by creating lighting levels in accordance with the availability of natural daylight. Dimming can extend the life of the luminaires through reduced intensity of the “switch-on” brightness. Reduced brightness levels can also be implemented to suit different areas and differing lighting requirements.

ABB offers a range of i-bus® KNX Universal Dimmers, light controllers and DALI Gateways. They are all featured in the company’s ABB i-bus® Smart Home & Intelligent Building Control Product Range Overview.

For more information contact KNX UK, PO Box 4082, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG42 9EQ, Email: admin@knxuk.org, Website: www.knxuk.org.

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