Digitemp blows hot and cold

Digitemp, from Xpelair, gives summer cooling and winter warmth from its stylish wall mounted units and can be quickly and simply installed from inside the room, even at multiple stories, to a patented external folding grille system. This eliminates the need for awkward and sometimes impossible external access.
Xpelair’s Digitemp comfort cooling technology is designed specifically for domestic and specific small commercial use, to give year round economical heating and cooling comfort; as an advanced air to air heat-pump Digitemp is part of Xpelair’s carbon saving CarbonLite range.
Despite this impressive low carbon performance, the whole thing fits into a modern, stylish case. With no outdoor condensing unit to install and no gas connection necessary, the unit can be fitted at high or low level for optimum flexibility without specialist skills.  The integral refrigerant system is factory sealed, so installation does not require the opening of the entire system or any connection to hoses.   
Cooling, heating and dehumidification are regulated by the convenient hand-held remote control and all operational modes are programmable using the infrared handset – allowing total control and adjustment from distance.

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