Design software is upgraded

Design and specification of variable refrigeration flow (VRF) air conditioning systems takes another big step forward with the launch of a new generation software tool from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Europe (MHIE). The new version of MHIE’s highly successful E-solution software includes specification details of the latest KX6 VRF systems. It is available free to air conditioning engineers – simply log on to the website and register to receive the software disk and to receive future updates automatically.

The new E-solution version 2.0 builds on the popularity of earlier releases. David Lettis, Mitsubishi Heavy’s sales manager, says the software enables engineers to design the optimum systems for each individual project with the minimum time and effort. He says: “System design used to be a complex business, but E-solution simplifies the process enabling the engineer to select the most cost effective and energy efficient mix of indoor and outdoor units, pipework and controls.”

In addition to full details of the new KX6 VRF range, E-solution 2.0 incorporates full data on the earlier KX4 range, and MHI’s complete range of splits and multi-splits.

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