Decorative 2D Alternative Light Source

Whilst some manufacturers opt to introduce retro-fit products into old 2D technology based luminaires, Franklite believes that to maximise energy savings and life expectancy, whilst avoiding problems with heat, conflicting electronics and low power factor, LED luminaire light engines (aka the combined driver and LEDs) must be specifically designed and manufactured so that a truly long term cost effective solution can be achieved.


Their clever design ensures an even light distribution, thereby minimising visible ‘hot spots’ on diffusers, be they built into a surface mounted luminaire or a decorative pendant shade!

The EcoDisc range includes 3 different LED arrays using Luxeon LEDs. The main light source is 3000K whilst the emergency light source is 4000K to differentiate dimmed and emergency modes. Other available options include integral presence / absence detection, dimmable gear (most protocols) and bespoke shade design, not to mention the plethora of existing luminaire chassis’s to choose from!

All FRANKled luminaires are offered with an extended warranty, giving 5 years peace of mind.

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