Damper control upgrade is major boost

A new control system has been launched by smoke and fire damper manufacturer Actionair to meet increasingly testing end user requirements.


The Actionpac  LNS4 intelligent addressable system is a significant step forward in sophistication for smoke and fire damper control and provides a number of features and benefits not previously available to installers and building owners/operators.  It provides the user with a simple interface to damper operating data and configurations.


Actionpac LNS4 has been designed by Actionair, which is a brand of the Ruskin Air Management group, to meet a growing need for remote operation and testing of dampers and to give safety officers and building operators peace of mind.


Actionpac LNS4 can manage multiple dampers from a single damper interface without the need for additional I/O hardware.  Heat and smoke detectors can be fitted directly into the interface, either to control the damper to which it is fitted or other dampers within the system. It can also be linked to a local test switch enabling dampers to be conveniently and easily tested remotely or via the test function available at the panel.



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