Daikin’s seasonal inverter system

A forthcoming and important European Commission Directive drawing up new requirements for calculating and expressing air conditioning equipment performance has already been pre empted by Daikin Europe and incorporated in its new Seasonal Inverter RZQ-E range.  

The new EuP Directive seeks to reduce the environmental impact of energy using products within the EU and establishes a framework for their Eco-design.

The new Daikin Seasonal Inverter RZQ-E therefore, has been redesigned ‘from the ground up’ with the result that its performance in terms of seasonal efficiency is 20% greater than the current series in real life situations with a 50% improvement over contemporary non inverter systems. Furthermore, it already meets the EU Commission’s 20-20-20 target (20% saving in total energy consumption, a reduction in CO2 emissions to at least 20% of 1990 levels and a 20% use of renewable energy by 2020).

The new seasonal efficiency range is scheduled for introduction in April 2010 in single and 3 phase models with capacities between 7 and 14kW and offers all the features of the current RZQ Super Inverter range. 


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