Daikin Water Cooled VRVIII

The introduction of the new Daikin RWEYQ-P water cooled heat pump and heat recovery VRVIII extends the third generation of this highly efficient and advanced technology. New features include an individual heating and cooling changeover facility on the heat recovery option and the highest COP (6) and EER (5) ratings in the current market. A new 8HP model complements the existing 10HP model, allowing a greater range of system combinations. In addition, a further new model, designated RWEYQ-PR, is designed for application to geothermal energy projects. 

Water is inherently more efficient than air in storing energy and also lends itself well to sharing and recovering energy in diverse building systems, recovering renewable energy from groundwater in the case of the RWEYQ-PR range. The RWEYQ-PR is available in single unit (8 HP or 10 HP) installations and supports inlet water temperatures down to -10ºC in heating mode, the relative stability of groundwater temperatures resulting in optimum system efficiency regardless of outdoor temperature.      

The new 8 HP outdoor unit, allows up to nine different combinations from 8 HP to 30 HP and up to  36 indoor units can be connected.

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