Cutting edge technology

The new Impulser Series from Steinel (UK) Ltd combines cutting edge sensor technology with intelligent processor control and reliable wireless communication to provide a security lighting solution for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Quick and easy to install, the range includes sensors, hand held transmitters, halogen floodlights, LED floodlights and modules that can incorporate Steinel’s sensIQ sensor and RS PRO HF interior lighting system into wireless linked lighting automation. Designed to be linked to both interior and exterior lighting, the systems components can be combined or grouped in any way to provide the perfect solution.
State-of-the-art 868.3 MHz wireless technology is at the heart of Steinel’s Impulser Series, ensuring trouble-free wireless communication between all of the components in the system over a range of 100 metres and a reduction in interference. This also allows the installation of extremely low energy transmitters, resulting in the launch of the battery operated IS-FS 300 infrared sensor which is ideal for use in remote areas that do not have mains power.  
Maximum flexibility is achieved via an intelligent addressing system in which each component can be set to any one of 32 addresses.

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