Cut energy costs

Users can enjoy years of reduced energy bills with the free cooling delivered by the new Climaflakt KCAG and KCDC range of air-cooled chillers from Fläkt Woods. These offer capacities from 20kW to 150kW, with both air-cooled in cooling-only and heat pump models. The units fully integrate with Fläkt Woods’s chiller, air handling unit and chilled beam ranges and complement the KCCC range of R410A chillers which offer 150kW to 900kW capacities.
As well as using the non-ozone-depleting R410A refrigerant, KCAG and KCDC chillers feature multi-scroll compressors and increased heat exchanger surface area when operating at part loads. Together, these enable the chillers to achieve high EERs (Energy Efficiency Ratios) and ESEERs (European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios), with up to 35% energy savings. In addition, the new chillers offer low noise levels, and easy installation and maintenance. They are available with microprocessor control, electronic expansion valves, three low-noise versions and ‘plug and pump’ hydraulic pump packs. All are offered as heat pump or free cooling models.
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