Culligan launches high-efficiency water softener

CulliganUK Ltd, a leading provider of advanced water treatment solutions, has introduced its innovative High Efficiency (HE) Water Softener.

The HE Softener forms part of the Culligan Matrix Solutions range, which provides greater flexibility and cost savings to commercial and industrial users.

Culligan’s HE Water Softener offers users many advanced features and options based on their particular water usage and quality requirements. Its unique design addresses the most common user concerns such as: operating, labour and maintenance costs, as well as the impact of poor water quality on operational efficiency and customer service levels.

“Selecting the correct pre-treatment solution is the first step users can take to reduce scale, extend the life of their equipment and reduce maintenance costs,” said Mark Savill, Culligan General Manager.” The Culligan HE Softener can help users achieve accelerated return on investment and improved operational efficiency.”

Advanced Product Options to Meet Every Need

The Culligan HE Water Softener is among the most efficient commercial water softening solutions available. Users can customize the system with these exclusive product features:

  • Aqua-Sensor®: Culligan’s patented digital Aqua-Sensor adjusts to influent water conditions and signals the need for regeneration based on resin bed exhaustion and controls the duration of the regeneration cycle. As a result, customers are able to reduce operating costs and accelerate return on investment through significant water and salt savings.
  • Up Flow Regeneration: Users can cut their salt consumption by up to 24% with Culligan’s up flow regeneration feature. With this in place, the system can be designed based on a user’s overall water management and wastewater minimization needs, as well as their sustainability goals.


  • Dial Softness: This unique integral control feature enables users to blend some hard water back into the outlet, thereby minimising corrosivity and excess softness for certain applications.


  • Culligan Smart Controller: The exclusive Culligan Smart Controller allows users to monitor their water treatment equipment’s performance; consumable usage and equipment maintenance needs with compatibility to most building management systems.


  • Telemetry: With telemetry options, users can connect the system via landline to Culligan head office. This allows Culligan to monitor the system centrally and service it locally. Monitoring options include: days since last regeneration, brine line blockage and number of salt days remaining.

Additionally, the Culligan HE Water Softener also addresses common ease-of-use challenges. Its remote display can be placed up to 60 metres away from the softener, making it easy to monitor and control the system even if it is located in an area that is difficult to access or far from a maintenance office. Additionally, the system’s five year battery back-up retains programming parameters and historical data, which eliminates the need to reset parameters after a power outage.

Delivers the benefits of soft water across multiple commercial applications

As part of Culligan Matrix Solutions advanced line of water softeners, the Culligan HE Water Softener reduces the accumulation of harmful scale in equipment caused by calcium and magnesium ions. Softened water can reduce the impact of poor quality water in a range of commercial applications, such as:

  • Hot and cold water services
  • Steam boilers
  • Cooling and air conditioning systems
  • Laundries
  • Process systems

 Environmentally friendly means less waste

  • The HE system reduces the amount of soaps, detergents and cleaning aids.
  • Reduced energy consumption due to reduced hardwater scale build-up.
  • Lower water usage and salt consumption is better for the planet.

Available now

Culligan UK has a team of highly skilled professionals available to assess customer needs, and then design, manufacture, install, train and service its customers over the lifespan of the equipment.

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