Cruise control with Helvar

Completing a series of installations that see its lighting control systems powering each of a trio of the world’s largest cruise liners, Helvar has supplied the recently launched vessel, Independence of the Seas with a comprehensive lighting control solution.

The colossal Royal Caribbean International liner, one of the most innovative European ships, as well as the largest, will be based in the UK port of Southampton and, with lighting control a key part of its interior design, it has been fitted with a number of products from Helvar’s Imagine and DIGIDIM rack and router ranges.

With a project of such scale and prestige, the challenge for the lighting provider was to be able to enhance the magnificence and splendour of the surroundings, at the same time as delivering an easy to adjust, energy efficient method of lighting control. 

The versatility of the DALI based systems led to their specification across the majority of public areas, on eight decks of the ship.

Featuring Helvar’s latest and most versatile dimmer at its heart – the multi-channel, inductive 458 – the control system incorporates a network of 920 Imagine routers.  An important step forward for digital lighting technology, the TCP/IP based 920 seamlessly integrates commercial and architectural lighting systems and resolves the problems faced by lighting designers looking to combine efficiency with striking displays of powerful scene-setting capability. 

Modular in its nature, the 920 runs two DALI subnets, allowing a total of 128 DALI devices to be connected but, crucially, with its Ethernet backbone – which eliminates the need for costly additional cabling installation – multiple routers can be connected, enabling the creation of a totally scaleable network solution. This also allows the whole ship’s system to be managed either locally, with precise control available in each room, or from a central location onboard.

Peter van der Kolk, Lighting Systems Manager at Helvar, pointed to the combination of adaptability and simplicity offered by the DALI based system: “A completely interchangeable network, we were able to remain flexible to the needs of Royal Caribbean International right through to final fit-out, catering precisely to the needs of each area of the ship, as the construction project evolved. Importantly, we were able to do this without costly and time consuming rewiring.”

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