Crestron launches Fusion EM software for complete energy management and control

Crestron’s new Fusion EM™ software is a complete energy management solution for organisations of any size, from schools and universities to corporate enterprises. Fusion EM tracks your organisation’s carbon footprint while giving you the control to easily change and schedule temperature set points, lighting levels and demand response settings. Fusion EM even saves you energy by automatically turning off lights and reducing HVAC use in unoccupied spaces, as Robin van Meeuwen, VP of Sales and Marketing at Crestron International explains.

The Fusion EM software provides FMs, IT/AV Managers, Energy Officers and Helpdesk staff with a fully customisable platform to monitor, adjust and troubleshoot issues from a central location. Fusion EM represents the new generation of control solutions by Crestron, streamlining working practices and actively working to save resources and energy.

The Crestron Fusion platform is a scalable framework which provides the basis on which to monitor and manage lighting, energy, and AV, while providing the tools for remote help desk, room scheduling and asset tracking. Fusion expands upon the established Crestron RoomView® Server Edition (SE) platform by upping the ante with its scalable redundant architecture and multiple front-end components: Fusion RV™ and Fusion EM.

Fusion RV software, which provides AV, help desk, meeting scheduling and technology management, is the upgrade path from RoomView™ SE. The all-new Fusion EM provides energy management and tracking with both front-end components coexisting on the same server platform and sharing the same architecture.

Fusion EM controls lighting, shades, heating, and cooling for every room in each facility and the GUI organises each room in order based on building and region. The interface is extremely intuitive and allows users to easily navigate their way and customise the software to suit their particular requirements. Arranging scheduled events such as end of day shut down, setting lighting scenes for meetings or changing temperature set points is simple, fast and effective.

Fusion EM tracks all your lighting loads and provides a bar graph showing real-time and historical energy consumption. Click on a group or individual room to view real time and historical energy usage. View by day, week, month or year and compare numbers to the previous time period. Project future consumption by simply viewing future periods. Fusion EM estimates energy-use data based on lighting fixture information or takes advantage of real data collected by GLPP, GLPAC, GLS-EM-MCU or other energy metering devices.

Call upon predetermined rules that are followed during peak consumption to cut down energy usage by a facility. Quickly adjust heating and cooling set points, change the timeout setting for an unoccupied room and edit maximum brightness of lighting levels. When the demand response mode is activated, Fusion EM ensures that each room is overridden according to the demand response settings.

Fusion EM can prepare rooms for meetings so it’s comfortable and ready to do business. Adjusting pre-meeting settings is simple from the intuitive GUI. Dropdown menus provide temperature set points and lighting presets; simply make a selection then choose how many minutes before the meeting you want it to take effect. If the meeting is cancelled, there’s no need to tell the room. Once occupancy is undetected after the timeout period, then it returns to the vacated state. This is a great tool for an in-house conference room or for hotels and conference venues as multiple rooms can be centrally monitored and managed, with each room retaining its own tailored setup.

This programme represents the very best of what Crestron can offer the corporate and commercial markets as this complete building management solution will save businesses time, money and resources. We’re not talking anymore about smart technologies but intelligent technology and with Fusion, we have something very clever indeed.

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