CP to the rescue

Microwave and PIR absence/presence detectors from CP Electronics have been chosen to control the lighting in Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Headquarters, in addition to six whole-time fire stations throughout the county. Installed as part of an invest-to-save energy efficiency programme, which also included the upgrade of most fittings to high-frequency T5 luminaires, CP’s products were the preferred choice as they offered a flexible and reliable lighting control system.

A mixture of CP’s MWS3A-PRM and EBDSPIR PIR detectors were used in rest rooms, equipment rooms, watch rooms and in appliance bays within all the Northamptonshire sites. The MWS3A-PRM can be used flush or as a surface mounted unit with a unique adjustable sensor head to allow for more precise detection. By changing the angle of the head, different detection patterns can be achieved to suit the specific application. The EBDSPIR PIR is a self-contained, low profile detector ideal for narrow ceiling voids that can be mounted into a ceiling tile or via a surface mounting box.

By utilising CP products, Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue has complete control of the lighting system, which can either be set to general automatic detection or, should changes need to be made, manual programming of each specific area can be easily achieved via CP’s UHS5 handsets.

Specified and installed by Blandford Electrical of Kettering, the work had to be carried out with as little disruption as possible as the stations and headquarters had to remain being fully operational during the installation. “We specified CP as we are familiar with the company’s product range and required an extremely reliable scheme, this being a major factor to take into consideration where a building is used on a 24 hour, seven day week basis” commented Chris Canham of Blandford.

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