CP launches MWS6

Designed to complement the wide range of sensors in CP Electronics’ product range, the new MWS6-PRM PIR ceiling microwave presence detector provides automatic control of lighting loads with optional manual control.

Suitable for use with incandescent, fluorescent and compact fluorescent light sources, the MWS6-PRM PIR detects movement via a highly sensitive microwave detector that emits low power microwave signals and measures the reflections as the signals bounce off moving objects.

The MWS6-PRM from CP Electronics offers two modes of operation; presence detection and absence detection. In presence detection mode the load will automatically switch on when movement is detected and switch off when the area is no longer occupied, following an adjustable time period. If an external switch is connected it can override the ‘lights off’, whilst an integral adjustable photocell allows the lights to be kept off if there is sufficient ambient light. For absence detection the load is manually switched on using an external switch and when the area is no longer occupied the load will automatically switch off when the adjustable time period has elapsed.    


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