CP launches energy saving brochure

The new energy saving brochure from CP Electronics provides the user with a variety of easy to install solutions that bring all the benefits of the company’s energy efficient and intelligent lighting controls together. Launched to encompass the company’s popular Green-i range of energy saving products, the brochure clearly shows users how to take control of their energy usage within commercial, domestic and industrial spaces.

The Green-i range was developed to offer energy savings on lighting, heating and ventilation applications and the range now incorporates movement sensors, control systems, switches and timers. The brochure provides clear information on each product along with diagrams, detection patterns and advice on lux level sensing, absence and presence detection, ceiling and wall mounted PIRs and dimming.

For commercial installations, the brochure illustrates how the Vitesse Modular lighting connection system can adapt to layouts or loading by expanding with pluggable modules. Each module has four outputs and can expand up to four additional modules as lighting layouts change.  An appropriate CP detector is then simply plugged into the end module, using a pre-wired lead.


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