Copper traps offer alternative

Conex is now producing a wide range of copper traps, wastes and compression fittings which are ideal for medical, pharmaceutical, food preparation and other sensitive environments.

Copper has been used for its antimicrobial properties for centuries and ongoing trials at Birmingham’s Selly Oak hospital show items made from copper had up to 95% fewer micro-organisms on them, compared with the same items made out of standard materials such as stainless steel. The study shows that surfaces made with materials that contain copper kill a wide range of potentially harmful micro-organisms – significantly reducing the number of these organisms that can come into contact with patients, visitors and staff.

Conex produces a range of bottle, P, S and deep seal, vented and anti-vacuum traps as part of its extensive copper compression range. The traps can be connected to low carbon steel, stainless steel and many types of plastic pipe including crossed linked polyethylene (PE-X) and polybutylene (PB). All Conex copper traps have a standard 76mm (3″) seal, and utilise nylon rings. Copper traps are durable, strong and resistant to damage, in many instances lasting for decades.

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