Coolmation extends range

Coolmation now offers a complete range of heat pump solutions for commercial applications with heating capacities to 700kW which provide contractors and consultants with the opportunity to specify and install the optimum heat pump solution for a client.

Manufactured by Rhoss in Italy, Coolmation’s high quality range of heat pumps includes heat only models, reversible options to provide heating or cooling and a hybrid version which can provide heating and cooling simultaneously.

“With energy prices continuing to escalate building owners and operators are increasingly looking at heat pump technologies to provide a reliable, low cost heating and cooling solution for commercial applications” says Coolmation’s Sales Director, Andy Legg. “Heat pumps deliver a sustainable solution because they supply more energy than they consume, which means that they can help reduce fuel bills and cut CO2 emissions. Because they can supply heating and cooling all year round, independently or simultaneously, heat pumps also provide year round comfort to the occupants of a building.”

Coolmation’s range of air to water heat pumps is available with heating capacities from 5kW to 700kW.

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