Control gear catalogue

Venture Lighting has just released its European HID Control Gear Catalogue. This comprehensive guide has brought together technical information on ballasts, igniters and capacitors together with advice on their use, making an invaluable tool for luminaire manufacturers and anyone involved in the specification of lighting.
The HID Control Gear Catalogue includes Ventronic, the recently launched dimmable electronic ballast for High Wattage HID light sources that achieves the energy saving and performance benefits traditionally associated with fluorescent lighting. Suitable for use with high pressure sodium and Venture Metal Halide light sources, Ventronic allows lamps to be dimmed in response to natural daylight levels – manually, automatically through light sensors or at pre-programmed times, providing optimum energy efficiency. It can also be linked to PIR sensors to link lamp operation to occupancy.

The Venture Parmar range of ballasts, designed for use in highly specialist HID luminaires in addition to conventional markets, are detailed in the catalogue and also included is Venture’s popular I-PAC, with its high quality precision wound P-Range ballast and intelligent MCi Series Igniter.

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