Contrasting inserts

REHAU is launching an innovative and cost effective solution for its data management systems which enables them to achieve compliance with the visual contrasting requirements contained within Part M of the Building Regulations.

The new REHAU high visibility modular inserts are designed to enable socket outlets to be easily located by building occupants, especially those with impaired vision.  They are robust, easy to install, flame retardant strips which clip securely on to the base of both the PROFILA data and COMPACT data trunking systems at both sides of a socket box.  Manufactured in dark grey, they create a contrasting background surface against which standard frontplates can be installed.

Designed with the needs of the health and education sectors in mind, the inserts are a neater and more stylish solution than the contrasting trunking lids typically used until now to satisfy the requirements of Part M for visually impaired users.  These lids inevitably also contrast with fitting accessories such as corners, tees and angles, whereas the new REHAU inserts allow for a more uniform look throughout the path of the trunking.

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