Comprehensive cooling

Advanced Ergonomic Technologies (AET) has announced an expansion of its range with the launch of the new all air VAV underfloor air conditioning system, PleinAir. 

The new ductless terminal system provides air conditioning via a floor plenum requiring only a clear floor void down to 200mm, making it ideal for refurbishment projects where space limitations prevent the installation of the large ceiling voids associated with traditional overhead systems.

As Dave George, PleinAir’s product manager at AET explains, energy reduction and versatility are the system’s prime features: “The product’s development coincides with the expected huge rise in demand for commercial refurbishment projects and the desire to achieve the lowest possible carbon emissions. Developers will be looking to update existing stock in order to offer the greatest flexibility and utility value to prospective tenants.”

One of PleinAir’s key selling points is the free cooling it allows when used with roof-mounted all air central plant, which takes place when the ambient temperature is less than 15?C – 80% of the year, on average, in Western Europe.

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