Compact and accurate wall-mount carbon dioxide and temperature transmitter for efficient ventilation control

The Vaisala CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide and Temperature Transmitter GMW116 is a compact wall-mounted transmitter that helps save energy by providing accurate carbon dioxide measurement in demand-controlled ventilation. The transmitter incorporates Vaisala’s innovative silicon-based CARBOCAP ® technology for excellent long-term measurement stability.

The GMW116 enables efficient and economical ventilation control by using actual carbon dioxide measurements – rather than assumed fresh air requirement based on the number of people in a space – to determine ventilation demand. This improves the accuracy of ventilation control, resulting in improved air quality and lower energy consumption.

CARBOCAP ® technology enables excellent long-term accuracy and eliminates the need for self-calibration by using alternating dual wavelengths – one to measure CO2 and a second reference wavelength. The GMW116 also measures temperature, therefore eliminating the need for separate temperature compensation in CO2 measurement.

As it requires no self-calibration, the GMW116 can be used in all types of occupied spaces. It’s ideal for spaces that are occupied around the clock, such as hospitals and residential buildings. The transmitter’s excellent temperature tolerance means it is also suitable for refrigeration applications.

The new design, in signal white (RAL9003) color, blends in well on most modern office walls. The GMW116’s enclosure is made of UL V0-approved materials and is IP30 protected.

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