Clivet launches water source heat pumps

Clivet UK Limited has announced the development of a new generation of Versatemp wall-mounted water source heat pumps designed for all types of commercial premises and public buildings.

Available in six different capacity units, the Versatemp EQV-X range offers users cooling outputs from 1.9kW to 4.0kW. In developing the Versatemp EQV-X, Clivet has placed great emphasis on energy efficiency and environmental considerations. The EQV-X wall mounted or floor standing models are all pre-charged packaged units requiring no refrigeration connections. High levels of energy efficiency are obtained thanks to the use of modern rotary compressors, electronic thermostatic valve and a source side plate heat exchanger. When operating in standard conditions, all units have EERs greater than 4.1 and COPs greater than 4.4.

The packaged units are designed to use minimal quantities of refrigerant helping to protect the environment. Sound levels have also been significantly reduced when compared to similar capacity products due to component selection and a major emphasis being placed on the acoustic cabinet design.

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