Clivet gets smart

Clivet is setting out a challenge to traditional split/multisplit and hydronic air-conditioning systems for smaller retail premises, showrooms, restaurants and production plants where optimum temperature, humidity, ventilation and air quality freshness is essential.

SMARTpack is a new high-efficiency, air-air heat pump air conditioning package designed to provide make-up air and to recover energy. Unlike split and multisplit direct expansion systems, the Clivet SMARTpack does not require a separate system for treating primary air, nor are there any refrigerant pipes to cross the rooms being served. Furthermore, SMARTpack is not as complex or as costly to install as hydronic systems.

Cooling, de-humidification, air purification and renewal, along with heating are the functions that are managed automatically by the SMARTpack. This compact unit is simple to install and operate as all the usual system components are all contained within the unit and pre-tested. All that the installer has to do is connect the air distribution channels and power up the unit. Being compact and self-contained, SMARTpack is quick and easy to position on a roof or at ground level.

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