Clean burning biomass

The new HDG M300 – 400 biomass boiler from Euroheat provides efficient, clean-burning and scalable heating with outputs of up to 400kW; ideal for public sector buildings, commercial premises, district heating solutions and hotels.

Simon Holden, co-founder of Euroheat, commented: “The M300 – 400 is a great addition to our range, allowing Euroheat to service much large buildings with one boiler. With the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) still providing good returns in the commercial sector, this new boiler means Euroheat can support customers with bigger application requirements looking to take advantage of the scheme’s cash-back opportunity.

“When cascaded, the M300 – M400 is an excellent solution for schools and hotels, allowing these buildings to keep running regardless of maintenance requirements, while greatly reducing the risk of total system shutdown in the unlikely event of breakdown.”

To provide a completely versatile solution, the system is designed to accommodate three fuels; wood chip, shavings and pellets and can be disassembled into its individual parts (combustion unit and heat exchanger) for easy transportation. Both the heat exchanger cleaning system and ash removal run automatically.


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