CIWEM urges government to act on climate change

In support of Climate Week, Britain’s largest climate campaign which took place in March, CIWEM joined the collective call for government to maintain its commitment to the Climate Change Act and to meet its legal obligations on emissions targets.

As part of Climate Week, CIWEM joined the call for the government to maintain its commitment to the Climate Change Act by taking further steps to encourage investment in the green economy, greater use of renewable energy and positive action to build resilience across communities.

The Energy Bill currently being considered in Parliament is an important and urgent example of the commitment needed.  CIWEM urges the government to act on the recommendation from its own Committee on Climate Change to include decarbonisation targets in the Bill.  CIWEM also calls on the government to reverse the dash for gas and other fossil fuels and to significantly increase the level of investment in clean and renewable forms of energy.

CIWEM Executive Director, Nick Reeves OBE, said: “Britain must do all it can to secure a fairer, sustainable and resilient future and eradicate poverty.  Without action and investment, now, the devastating impacts of climate change will be widely felt by humankind leading to an escalating threat to biodiversity, agriculture, human health, water resources and energy supply.  

“I am hopeful that Climate Week helped to bring these issues to the attention of the public, the media and, more importantly, to politicians.  We need demonstrable commitment across the whole of civil society if we are to meet and adapt to a changing climate and if our communities are to become resilient to future climate shocks.” 


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