CIAT is first to market

CIAT Ozonair Ltd is the first manufacturer to market air/water inverter type heat pumps – the Aquaciat Grand Inverter range – as a result of close collaboration with DCC Danfoss Inc.

The Aquaciat Grand Inverter range is equipped with Danfoss Inc’s prize-winning Apexx VSH Series variable speed scroll compressor, the world’s first high-capacity variable speed scroll solution for R-410A heat pumps.  It optimises energy efficiency by adapting proportionally to the real needs, thus limiting wasted energy and achieving energy savings of over 20% when compared to traditional systems. 

Suitable for the heating and air conditioning of offices, hotel and residential buildings, the range comprises three models: IVDC 150V, 200V and 300V.  They have heating capacities of 41, 53 and 79 kW respectively and cooling capacities of 37, 47 and 70 kW respectively.

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