Chris takes over UHMA chair

Chris Ingram is the new Chairman of the Underfloor Heating Manufacturers Association (UHMA).

Speaking at the Association’s annual general meeting – attended by some thirty companies – he paid tribute to the work done by his predecessor Rex Ingram: “Over the past twelve years UHMA has progressed from an exploratory meeting between five companies in a small room in London, to an internationally recognised trade association. UHMA now represents nearly forty specialist companies.

“Rex and his colleagues have done much to raise standards within the industry – to the benefit of both construction industry professionals and their clients.

“The time has come to build on those foundations by increasing awareness at every level of the vital contribution our technology can make to energy efficiency and a low carbon economy.

“Professionals and an increasing number of members of the public already recognise this fact. Now we have to fight to get government to join them. In particular we will redouble our efforts to bring the amended SAP Ratings to the attention of building control officers across the UK.”

When UHMA was formed in 1996 annual sales of underfloor heating in Britain were estimated at a meagre £16 million. Today several UHMA Members have individual turnovers in excess of £10million.

The Association’s plans for 2009 include the possibility of expanding membership to include installers.

The UHMA AGM also saw the election of Rod Hickmott as Vice Chairman (and Chairman elect) while David Pittillla takes over as Treasurer. Brian Sensecall continues as the Association’s Secretary.

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