Cavendish Square gets a facelift

Luminaires from Riegens Lighting have played a vital role in improving the visual environment for the prestigious offices in 33 Cavendish Square, a landmark building situated just north of London’s famous Oxford Street.

The requirement was for a slim-line flush mounted office luminaire with an integrated return air path. The ceiling zone on the project was on average 285mm, accommodating an ultra-slim line 4-pipe fan coil unit installation, designed by services engineers Hilson Moran, lighting and ceiling construction. The design team recognised the potential of the Riegens Cirrus suspended luminaire and asked Riegens to come up with a recessed version with air handling.


The bespoke Cirrus recessed luminaire was developed as a collaboration between ORMS, Hilson Moran, and the technical team at Riegens as a solution for the project and fitted the bill perfectly. Three floors have been refurbished using Cirrus 2 x 28W DALI luminaires with air handling, incorporating micro prism panels, dedicated back reflectors and diffuser films to prevent glare. The use of low energy lamps and dimmable DALI controllable ballasts throughout the range ensures a high level of energy efficiency leading to reduced cost of ownership.


Hilson Moran commented: “We do not believe that a high level services installation, including both fan coil units and lighting has been achieved before in such a shallow ceiling void and the Riegens light fitting, coming in at 55mm deep overall, played an essential part in achieving this. We picked Riegens initially as we had worked with them successfully in the past and appreciated their flexibility in approach”.

The project has proved to be a complete success and feedback from the client, design team and letting agents has been unanimously positive so far.

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