Carrier rises to the challenge

Around the world, global warming is headline news and energy efficiency is at the top of everyone’s agenda; individuals, businesses and governments.

Carrier has risen to the increasing industry challenges with the introduction of two new product ranges that offer many cost and energy saving solutions.  The industry will benefit from the development of these products that are delivered at an ideal time.

This range incorporates many of the design and build features and components from the existing and successful 39HQ Airovision.  The Airostar 39SQ range delivers many cost saving benefits due to the standardisation of the units and components whilst retaining flexibility.  It is available in eight sizes and various configurations to ensure the desired air volume is easily matched.  Fresh air, filtration, heating and cooling are all incorporated as standard functions.  Due to the standardisation of components the fast delivery times and product cost makes the 39SQ Airostar a smart and economical choice.

The AiroQ packaged unit is designed with emphasis on energy efficiency.

The standard AiroQ is supplied with an absorption heat recovery wheel with specific characteristics to ensure a constant high sensible and latent performance.

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