Carrier announces name change

The Carrier name is to be introduced to the Longville equipment rental businesses that Carrier acquired at the end of 2006.  The group holding company, Longville Group Ltd, will change its name to Carrier Rental Systems Ltd; and the overseas holding company will be changed to Carrier Rental Systems International Ltd.
Both businesses are part of Carrier’s global rental division headquartered with Carrier’s other Building Services and Systems businesses in Farmington, Connecticut, USA.
Richard Jones explained: “The Carrier Rental Systems name will be adopted and emphasised in the UK temperature control businesses. In the US, the Carrier Rental Systems name has been in use for some time.
“The two long-standing pump brands in Europe will remain unchanged – SLD in the UK and Pompfontijine in Holland.
“Carrier is serious about rental as a business and has formed a global rental structure to give focus and concentrate expertise. The rental businesses of Carrier will deliver high levels of service to customers in all the core markets in which it currently operates. This will enable us to fulfill our ambitions for profitable growth. Post-acquisition integration is progressing very well.
“Carrier plans to develop the business around the areas of its core rental equipment expertise: pumps and temperature control, supported by temporary power supply rental. Significant investment has already been made this year in the rental equipment portfolio and in new locations and buildings and further announcements are expected. Relationships with supply partners have also been strengthened to help add value to customer relationships.”

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