CanFast for speedy specifications

Schneider Electric has made it quicker and easier for contractors to specify its Canalis range of busbar trunking with the launch of CanFast; a user-friendly, online design and quotation package, which can be accessed through the company’s website.

By inputting basic installation information selected from drop-down menus, contractors can quickly produce a quotation with the minimum amount of technical and product knowledge.  

Users simply follow a step-by-step process, inputting the specification of the run required, such as the rating, number of conductors and length of run.  From here, the system requests details about the tap-off units required plus any additional accessories, then calculates the quantities needed for the project and provides a quote with description, quantity, unit list price and total price.

Contractors can also use CanFast to provide customers with a formal quote, as the system allows details to be saved and amended, while the specification can be exported into template in Microsoft Excel.

CanFast supports Schneider Electric’s Canalis range of busbar trunking for lighting and power distribution, which provides a simple, flexible and efficient alternative to traditional cabling in any building or structure.

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