Call and reset relays

Finder has announced the 13.12 Call and Reset Relay, which is designed to activate an alarm at a remote point and provide local indication of activation. The relay will be of particular interest to designers and installers of attendant call systems in hospitals and care homes, and to contractors involved in the provision of facilities into residential and commercial buildings where occupants may need to call for assistance.
An ageing population is creating a growing demand for both short-term and long-term facilities providing care and supervision – hospitals, care homes, assisted living developments, hotels and similar premises – and the means to summon assistance in these facilities is a fundamental requirement. The 13.12 relay is a conveniently packaged product that addresses this need, and which can easily be installed in new buildings or retrofitted in existing sites.
The 13.12 features dual outputs, offering the facility for both a remote alarm signal and a local indication of activation to be activated simultaneously. Independent set and reset inputs provide flexibility in the location of activation and acknowledgement points.

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