Calke Abbey makes further investments in a greener future

Calke Abbey - secondary catering facilityA popular National Trust property near Derby is continuing to up its green energy credentials, with low carbon-design catering and office facilities.

The project at Calke Abbey has been managed by the team of sustainability engineers at design and project management company Lorien Engineering Solutions.

Burton-based Lorien has a long-standing relationship with the once-stately home and country estate, now open to the public, where it has previously installed a low-carbon biomass boiler, replacing an LPG-fired boiler with a more efficient centralised renewable technology.

The new catering and office facilities will run off the existing biomass boiler, which operates on woodchip, and generates heating and hot water to various facilities including the restaurant, shop, ticket office and riding school.

All of the wood that fuels the boiler is grown in the National Forest and processed within 10 miles of the country house estate, and it is hoped that within a decade 20% of the woodchip will come from the estate itself.

Over the last five years, Lorien has worked on more than 80 projects with the National Trust, with a focus on renewable energy systems (heat pumps, biomass, solar and hydro-electric) for Mansion Properties and their wider Estates. Lorien further specialises in the provision of environmental control, delivering re-servicing, conservation heating and overall building management to both modern and listed buildings.

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