Cablofil helps create a forum for the future

Cablofil has been used in the ceiling voids, under floors and in risers throughout the The Forum, a multi-purpose development at the University of Exeter’s Streatham Campus, for the programmable intelligent lighting system. 

It has also been used for the data installation, which feeds more than 2,500 data outlets and serves over 100 Wi-Fi hot spots.  The development’s small power requirements including the 400-seat auditorium, which features a dedicated power and data outlet at every seat, was also supported by Cablofil tray.

Combining new build accommodation with the refurbishment of existing buildings, The Forum includes a new student services centre, retail and catering outlets, a refurbished library, new learning spaces, a 400-seat lecture theatre and a new university reception. Designed as a multi-functional building for contemporary student life, the scheme demanded an electrical installation that would not only ensure sufficient power and data services on site but would also enable business-as-usual operation of the library during its refurbishment.

The three-storey library was refurbished one floor at a time to enable it to remain operational.

Carl Brambani from Cablofil says: “The Forum at Exeter University demonstrates the way in which universities are investing in their facilities to make best use of new technology and attract students. Using the Cablofil system not only helped to fast track this installation but also means that the cable management can accommodate changes as technology or small power requirements develop and its open structure will make maintenance easier too.”

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