Building more efficiency

Greater efficiency and more compact dimensions are key improvements now incorporated in the popular Panasonic FS Inverter Standard Series commercial air conditioners. CU-YL outdoor units are 10% more efficient than previous models as a result of design improvements in the compressors, which now fit a smaller casing. The FS Series is designed to provide cost-effective cooling and heating for a year-round comfortable environment in small to medium shops and offices.    
Paul Taylor, Panasonic European Technical Manager, Air Conditioning Products says: “With their increased efficiency, the redesigned units will deliver further significant savings on heating and cooling costs. The smaller footprint of the CU-YL units means they can be installed in very tight spaces – and still give service engineers good access.” 
The FS Inverter Standard Series consists of four outdoor units rated at 2.5hp, 3hp, 4hp and 5hp, which are used singly with ceiling, cassette and hide-away units of the same power rating. Outdoor units from 3hp upwards may be used with two matching indoor units in the 1.5hp to 2.5hp range. All combinations provide excellent energy efficiency ratings in cooling mode and superior coefficients of performance (COP) when heating.

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