Broag turn up the heat

Students at the newly constructed Walthamstow Academy are enjoying warmth generated by the latest biomass technology thanks to the installation of a 120kW biomass boiler from Broag. Fuelled by compressed wood pellets, the boiler is fed, unusually, from a store situated on the ground floor adjacent to the first floor plant room.
Contractors, Franklin M & E Services of Chelmsford, who carried out the installation, commented on the high standard, quality and appearance of the biomass boiler from Broag and its remarkably good control system.
Both environmentally sound and economically viable, biomass pellets have an estimated total carbon footprint of 50-60 kg CO2/Mw hr in comparison to the typical estimated total carbon footprint of 230kg CO2/Mw hr from Natural Gas. Similarly eco friendly are the Broag 610 Eco modulating condensing boilers, which work in conjunction with the biomass boiler and deliver maximum efficiencies & low nox emissions from boilers of lightweight & compact construction.

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