Britmac is back

The new and updated version of the renowned Britmac Powertrack brand for 2009 is now available from Crabtree, and is set to become an even more popular under-floor power distribution system than its predecessor.

It has undergone some radical improvements; not only to meet the ever-increasing power requirements of the workplace, but also to make is easier still for contractors to install. And the whole system has been designed with a minimum number of parts, to assist the contractor fitting out on-site, where speed and ease of installation are paramount.

Powertrack consists of a series of fully enclosed, single-phase busbar modules and is designed to be assembled directly onto the base slab of a cavity floor, using integral floor fixing brackets. There are push fit connectors on both the track connections and feed units, with a keying system on the track end that operates the shutter mechanism to ensure correct location.

Three specifications of track modules are available: standard 2P+E, clean Earth 2P+E+CE, and dual system 4P+E+CE. The Power track module itself is a 63Amp single-phase busbar, with the facility to accept a tap-off unit every 300mm.

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