Brighton gets a stylish solution

Brighton Marina has a new, energy efficient, white lighting solution at the centre. The combination of the award winning Philips CosmoPolis lamps housed in stylish heritage lanterns has dramatically improved the night time ambience within this popular waterfront location.

The Marina itself comprises a hotel, an array of retail units, a selection of restaurants and some great entertainment venues attracting visitors to admire its spectacular views over the waterfront each year.  X-Leisure, the UK’s fastest growing leisure brand, was keen to upgrade the existing lighting with a solution more in keeping with the style of the complex. Kirsty Harris, marketing & events manager for Brighton Marina, X Leisure explains: “We wanted the outdoor lighting concept to enhance the visually appealing surroundings so that our visitors and residents can enjoy its atmosphere and vitality even more. At the same time we were keen to reduce energy consumption, whilst improving safety and reliability. The combination of the heritage style lanterns and CosmoPolis lamps has worked particularly well in bringing all these elements together.”

In this first phase of the project, 16 Philips Buckland Heritage twin lanterns, housing 60 Watt CosmoPolis lamps, have now replaced the old globe style street lights which used 70 Watt Son T lamps, achieving approximately 31% energy saving. This installation clearly illustrates how the latest street lighting technology can work harmoniously with classically designed street lanterns. Indeed, the CosmPolis  lamp and gear system is, in actual fact, the first white light which has been uniquely designed for the outdoor market having better efficacy, longer life and a more compact size as well as being approximately 30% more efficient than traditional white light systems.  In addition its white light gives people a better sense of safety due to the ability to see objects and facial features more clearly. This also means a better chance of spotting potential hazards on footpaths, driveways and cycle lanes for example.

Utilising the existing column spacings the Buckland Heritage lanterns have been designed with a special Philips T – Pot optic which directs the majority of light downwards in comparison to the former globe lanterns which lost 60% of the useful light upwards causing unnecessary light pollution. As well as reducing the sky glow the new lanterns have an inbuilt mini cell ensuring that the light only comes on at dusk and goes off at dawn eliminating wasteful electricity consumption.  In addition, the stainless steel construction of the columns means that they will withstand the harsh salt environment of the Marina as well as being more resistant to vandalism and wind loadings than alternative options such as aluminium.

Brighton Marina now has a cost effective, white lighting solution enhancing the vibrant atmosphere of the Marina, so close to the exciting city of Brighton, ensuring it is an attractive and safe location to live, work and relax.  

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