Bright future in store

Ridi Lighting has installed an innovative new lighting trunking system at Lidl’s Braintree store – the first in a line of 50 UK stores to be fitted out with Ridi’s latest pre-wired lighting package.

Part of a pan-European contract that has already seen Ridi upgrade the lighting across most of Lidl’s 1500 French stores as well as Switzerland, Germany and Poland, the Braintree installation adds to a programme of refurbishments currently been carried out across the UK.

Key to Ridi’s specification has been matching whole-life efficiency savings and simple, effective lighting with Lidl’s basic, value retailer image, as Mike Attard, Ridi UK Managing Director explains: “Whilst Lidl has moved towards more energy efficient fittings with these refurbishments, there was no question of creating an elaborate network of attractive architectural luminaires and controls. We were tasked with developing a product that delivered optimum retail lighting combined with minimal installation and maintenance requirements and one that portrayed a purely functional but clean image.”

This was achieved through the use of Ridi’s latest LINIA trunking system which incorporates a newly developed electrical connection system (produced in conjunction with Wago) that offers a fast-fit, easily reconfigurable continuous lighting system.

LINIA’s push-click, colour-coded through wiring, which is available in five, seven or eleven core variants, enables plug-in mechanical connection without the need for tools and achieves automatic earthing, through forced contacting of the components. The swift connection allowed Lidl to drastically reduce store downtime during installation and allows toolless reconfiguration and connection of illuminated signs, spotlights, emergency LEDs and emergency lighting circuits, should the need arise.

In terms of energy efficiency, all of the T8 battens at Braintree have been replaced with T5 (LINIA accommodating both options). However, in addition to this move, Ridi designed a profiled mini reflector (bespoke to the LINIA luminaires supplied to Lidl) that maximises light spread of the 54W T5 fittings, whilst staying true to Lidl’s minimalist image.

Mike says: “Wanting a non-intrusive lighting plan, Lidl required ceiling mounted lighting runs, rather than the existing suspended luminaires and the reflector allows us to achieve a greater spread of light, without sacrificing on watts per metre efficiency. In line with the clever, low-key use of technology at Lidl, the reflector has been designed to sit behind the lamp, virtually out of sight. In effect, the extent of technical expertise within the LINIA concept remains hidden to customers who want the biggest investment to go into delivering the best value in-store, rather than on the function of the building.”

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