Bitzer expands range

With the use of carbon dioxide as a natural refrigerant becoming increasingly popular, Bitzer now offers an enhanced range of CO2 Octagon compressors for air-conditioning and medium and low temperature refrigeration applications.  In 1989, Bitzer was one of the first companies to start extensive field tests with carbon-dioxide compressors and therefore has more expertise in the industry than any other supplier.  With this vast experience, customers can now benefit both from a large, technologically sophisticated range of Bitzer CO2 compressors and a guarantee of intensive and professional technical support.

Bitzer’s proven Octagon compressors are optimised for use with CO2 and have short-stroke technology, a smooth-running drive gear and multi-valve technology.  With these features, they are ideally suited for operation with frequency inverters and for parallel switching.  Their sophisticated oil management is also particularly beneficial for CO2 applications; the optimised centrifugal lubrication system reduces the oil carry over to a minimum even with high fluctuations in pressure and speed regulated operation. Applications using the natural refrigerant R744 also benefit from the Octagon design.

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