Big Foot Systems offers a versatile solution at London laboratory

Big Foot Systems Versatile Project

Big Foot Systems has supplied support solutions for rooftop plant at a prestigious laboratory in London as part of a full HVAC refurbishment. The Sussex-based company’s support systems overcame project challenges by allowing the rooftop plant to be placed in the existing roof space while not being in view of the local residents.

Big Foot Systems was selected for the project because the contractor wanted to avoid penetration of the roof whilst fitting a considerable amount of new plant, including air handling units, services and control panels, into the relatively small existing roof space.

As a result, Big Foot Systems provided a range of non-penetrative support solutions, including Heavy Duty Frames, and a Louvre Support Frame. The products were chosen to safely spread the load across the roof, thus solving both problems of space restrictions and non-penetration of the roof.

It was also important that plant was kept out of sight of the local residents and so louvres were installed on a non-penetrative Louvre Screen Support with HD Beams to shield the plant from view.

“Big Foot Systems’ versatility was put to the test on this project as unit placement was not in line with the original roof plan supplied, meaning some alterations were needed,” explains Joe Rose, Technical Marketing Manager at Big Foot Systems.

“However, the contractor was able to adjust the system from Big Foot Solutions as required by the updated plan and the end result was very well received. We combined technical experience and forward thinking to create the best solution and the overall feedback for this project has been very positive.”

Big Foot Systems’ support services enabled the safe, efficient, simple and cost effective installation of the plant and louvres on the laboratory roof, with the added bonus of being adjustable enough for any alterations on site.

Big Foot’s supports avoided any penetration through the roof, while working to the loading parameters provided by the client. The support systems also ensured that the plant will be easy to access for maintenance in years to come.

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