Best thermal image quality

The new FLIR Ebx-Series from FLIR Systems is described as ‘the best value in thermal imaging and digital camera resolution they have ever offered’.

Designed specifically for building applications, these new compact thermal imaging cameras are ideal for those wanting enhanced imaging quality and more analysis functions from an entry level thermal imaging camera.

Three versions complete this new series with the top-of-the-range model, the FLIR E60bx, providing 76,800 pixels from its 320 x 240 uncooled detector. This enables the user to see more detail and take more accurate temperature readings so that the smallest of thermal anomalies (down to 0.045°C) can be detected. It allows potential problems to be detected quickly, safely and from further away.

Models in the FLIR Ebx-Series allow real-time thermal imaging at 60Hz for the efficient capture of dynamic events, revealing details that a 9Hz camera will certainly miss. A built-in 3 megapixel digital camera produces the clearest visible light reference pictures in its class for complete and detailed documentation.

Good quality images, even in dark environments, can be taken thanks to inclusion of an LED lamp on the front of the camera.

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