BEAMA members are ready

Hot on the heels of BEAMA’s own Climate Change White Paper (October 2008), the Government’s Climate Change Committee (CCC, chaired by Lord Adair Turner) has published its report on Climate Change (December 2008).

Dr Howard Porter, Chief Operating Officer at BEAMA, has said its members are well prepared with the electrical products to help the Government reach its targets: “There are some very challenging targets in the Government’s paper.

For example, a minimum 34% cut in greenhouse emissions by 2020 – 42% if global agreement is achieved – and 80% reduction by 2050.

With five year interim targets, these are likely to drive all other climate change related policies.”

 “This report sets a solid framework for the newly formed BEAMA Climate Change Steering Committee. Our membership comprises well-established companies in the electrotechnical sector with the expertise and products to help their clients and customers reduce their energy usage, and save them money.

“Manufacturing the full range of efficient low loss electrical equipment in energy networks and power plants, energy-efficient switchgear, lighting controls, electric heating/storage appliances, heat pumps, metering and monitoring equipment for the commercial, industrial and domestic buildings sectors, our members are ready – and able – to enable the Government to achieve its targets and ensure the ‘electric future’ the report proposes”

He added: “Produced in conjunction with CESA (Catering Equipment Suppliers Association) and LIF (Lighting Industry Federation), our Climate Change White Paper echoes current Government thinking. It sets strong pointers for manufacturers to differentiate themselves and so give UK businesses a better chance to create opportunities and withstand the economic downturn.”

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