BEAMA expands scope to offer greater expertise

The new BEAMA Water Safety and Hygiene group has been launched and incorporates the Thermostatic Mixing Valve Association. The new group will advise on best practice installation, use and maintenance of products that improve safety and hygiene for water systems – crucial issues for public health. In addition to TMVs, the product scope now includes taps and showers, backflow prevention devices, and balancing, isolating and pressure reducing valves.

CPD training is now being developed, adding to the group’s on-going activities that include online technical advice, engagement with a range of public and industry bodies, such as the Department of Health and WRAS, and development of best practice guides. The group intends to continue a regular exchange of expertise with a wide range of stakeholders.

The progression to the newly-named group was announced at the Combating Legionella conference in September. At the event, BEAMA also reminded over 150 conference delegates that TMVs prevent scalding by blending hot water (stored and circulated at 60°C or above to combat bacteria such as Legionella) with cold water to ensure a safe temperature for hand washing and bathing.

The use of TMVs is recommended in Building Regulations Part G as well as official guidance for healthcare and other public buildings, and BEAMA has a significant on-going role in the development of key UK and European guidance and standards through its members’ technical expertise.

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