AxFlow is in a spin

When it comes to servicing or replacing water pumps in commercial premises, engineers are inevitably going to be up against tight deadlines. For AxFlow the time available for replacing ageing cold water booster pumps in the Royal Ballet School’s Floral Street campus was just nine hours.

The Upper School, adjacent to the Royal Opera House, is in almost constant use, making it impossible to shut off the water supply during working hours. Working with facilities management company CMS Limited, AxFlow drew up a schedule to enter the premises at 21.00 hours, shut off the water supply and then start removing the three existing pumps and replace them.

“Because it was necessary to replace the existing pumps, we took this opportunity to provide the Royal Ballet School with a cold water booster system that would make use of the existing manifold infrastructure and give them an energy saving solution,” reports Denis Yeoman of AxFlow. “Our solution was to install three Grundfos CR1- 10-6 multi-stage pumps fitted with Lowara Hydrovar inverters. In addition, we also replaced the existing control panel with a three pump isolator panel.”

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